Diamond Price Index

Latest daily 137.17 (+2.0%)
Latest weekly 133.93 (-1.5%)
1 carat
Latest daily 132.24 (+1.9%)
Latest weekly 123.01 (-5.4%)
0.5 carat
Latest daily 138.00 (+7.5%)
Latest weekly 126.74 (-5.6%)
0.3 carat
Latest daily 130.32 (+3.2%)
Latest weekly 125.45 (-3.1%)


1.0 carat
0.5 carat
0.3 carat

Benchmark price list

This list serves as a guideline based on actual transactions and will be updated according to the system set out in our methodology.

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Percentage movements list

Updated weekly, this list shows the percentage changes between the prices shown on the Benchmark price list and the live prices.

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Live actual prices

This list shows actual prices for your selection.

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Index reports

Index fails to hold on to gains

Index nudges upwards

Fine qualities boost index

Index slips back after healthy start to the week

Index drifts lower


Expropriation Zimbabwean style?

Less is more!

Bumper or Bump?

15% and a Miserable Year

Quelle Horreur!

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Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report